Our Firm

Barnum Financial Group is a team of over 380 financial professionals and a support staff of 130 professionals comprised of Operations, Marketing, Corporate Education, Case Design, Training and Development and a full service Customer Service Center.  The Barnum Financial Group is a team of experienced, qualified professionals who have achieved various designations to provide the best financial services and support possible. 

Our team of professionals is committed to help you make the most informed financial decisions possible.  We strive to be a trusted source for financial education and services for all types of people.  With our knowledge, experience and commitment, we can create financial strategies to help you meet both your financial and life goals.

If your goal is to achieve financial freedom, we will help build it. Because financial freedom means different things to different people, we take the time to understand what it means to you.  No matter what stage of life or financial state you are in, having a financial strategy is a critical part of everyone's life.  Our goal is to give you the right tools to understand all of your financial possibilities. 

In a world crowded with new investments, changing tax laws, rapidly evolving insurance products and volatile economic cycles, more and more people are looking for the right financial partner to guide them.  Our financial professionals offer something you may not be able to get from the traditional stockbroker, banker or accountant.  By consolidating all aspects of your financial life, we are able to take a full-scope view of your situation which helps us provide you with the right strategies and tools at the right time.